Don't Let Your Road Trip Be Cut Short



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Road trips are among the most quintessential elements of summer, but the fun can easily come to an unexpected halt if you don't properly prepare.

While you consider all the things you want to bring with you on your trip, you should also check to make sure your vehicle is up to the task.

  • Time for an oil change: Make sure your oil is topped off or change it out if your car is just about due. We recommend synthetic oil, especially if you plan to take your Audi model on your adventure.
  • Top off your fluids: Don't neglect your car's other liquids! Check your coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid to make sure levels are good before your trip.
  • Inspect your tires: Flat tires are frequently the culprit behind a ruined road trip. Check your tires to make sure they have enough air and look for signs of unusual or excessive wear. This will reduce the chance of having a tire issue later down the road.

Our service center in Rockville, MD is available to help with any of the items on this checklist. Stop by today! We look forward to seeing you!

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